Frio Insulin Cooling Cases

Frio Insulin Cooling Cases • Keeps Insulin & Medication Cool

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Perfect for Work - Travel - Playing - Camping Trips - Picnics - Biking Trips - Emergency Kits

FRIO insulin cooling wallets sizes and colorsKeeps insulin cool and safe for minimum of 45 hours each immersion period – through evaporation of water.
Activated by COLD water – NO refrigeration ever needed.
Safety Factor - Perfect for power outages-
Keep a FRIO insulin Cooling Case on hand just in case.
Frio gives you safety and no longer being dependent on refrigeration for life-critical cooling of your insulin or medications. FREEDOM AT LAST!FRIO Mini

Go GREEN with FRIO reusable cooler case – When you need it just soak in water and You will be ready to go again and again. Activate continuously if desired, or store until needed.

Tests prove that FRIO insulin cooling cases retain their contents at around 77-79°F (25°C) for a minimum of 45 hours per immersion period in a constant environmental temperature of 100°F (38°C).

Children with diabetes- can go to friends house or overnight pajama party or overnight in their friends new tree house, or camping- whatever, up to 45 hours and be able to take their Frio insulin cooling case and have cool medication when needed.

DIABETIC CAT AND/OR DOG- FRIO insulin cooling cases can be used for your Pet's insulin  - If your dog or cat has diabetes, FRIO is the perfect solution - Travel once again with your favorite animal and have ease of mind that their medications are safe and cool for them in their frio insulin cooling case when needed.

Frio Individual WalletArizona, California, New Mexico, Texas,  Nevada, Utah, etc.  Great in HOT weather!!! FRIO insulin cooling cases have been used in temperatures in excess of 120°F with complete success.

Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, New England, Montana, Etc. Great in COLD weather also!!! FRIO insulin cooling cases have considerable insulation properties, preventing insulin from freezing at cold temperatures.

FRIO insulin cooling cases have been extensively tested by the British Medical Devices Evaluation Unit. Frio is recommended by hospitals and clinics throughout the world once they are made aware of the FRIO products.

FRIO receives extensive support from the Diabetes Associations. FRIO products are also supported by the Glaucoma Association. FRIO insulin Cooling Cases have been passed by the FDA.

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